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Are you looking for an unusual, fun and innovative gift idea full of culture?

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Our walking or cycling tours of Aix en Provence are the opportunity to offer an experience that will undoubtedly be your best idea of the moment!

Whether for a birthday gift to a friend, a family member or a colleague, our tours are suitable for a wide audience of 15 to 90 years old.

How does it work?

  1. Choose the tour that suits you from our gift vouchers above

  2. Add the number of vouchers if you offer  several vouchers

  3. Order by filling in the information required 

    You will then receive an order confirmation. We will take care of sending an email containing the information necessary to do the tour to the lucky beneficiary : he will only have to choose himself the date and time of his/her tour !

INDICATE clearly in “informations complémentaires” when ordering:

  • NAME

of your beneficiary 

Gift vouchers are valid for the period from 6/29/2020 to 10/15/2020